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Photo Identification is required with all sales.

Please bring all items separated or be prepared to separate them here. Thank You.

If you have 1,000 lbs. or more of one higher quality material, you may ask for a separate quote.

                                      Prices subject to change without notice.

                                    Please call with any questions: 330-345-1236

ItemPrice per poundPrice per Net TonPrice Per Gross Ton
Steel - Sheet Iron/ Misc. Prepared/ Structural $0.05$100.00$112.00
Structural *over 1,000lb$0.06$120.00$134.40
Steel - Miscellaneous Unprep.                $0.04$80.00$89.60
Non-Magnetic Stainless$0.25
Non-Magnetic Stainless Over 4 foot$0.15

"Steel" prices are for any mixed load.

Contaminated stainless of any kind are purchased as steel.

Freon must be removed from ALL units.

Aluminum Beverage CansPound$0.41
Sheet AluminumPound$0.30
Extruded AluminumPound$0.30
Aluminum Exteriors (Clean)Pound$0.30
Clean Aluminum WheelsPound$0.30
Cast AluminumPound$0.30
Unclean Aluminum WheelsPound$0.30
Unclean Aluminum (All grades)Pound$0.10
Aluminum Wire - cleanPound$0.30

"Aluminum Beverage Cans" do NOT include foil, cat food cans, aluminum tins, glass, plastics, or other materials.

Aluminum containing steel, dirt, tar, or other foreign substances is considered unclean. Material must contain at least 90% aluminum by weight to be considered contaminated aluminum. 

"Clean Aluminum Wheels" must have the valve stems and wheel weights removed.

"Aluminum Exteriors" clean house siding only.

All vehicles must have titles. The title must be in the name of the individual bringing the vehicle.

ItemPrice Per  PoundPrice Per Net TonPrice Per Gross Ton
Scrap Vehicles$0.05$100.00$112.00
Complete Vehicles with Aluminum Wheels $0.06$120.00$134.40

"Complete Vehicles with Aluminum Wheels" must also include batteries, catalytic converters, and all other vehicle parts.

#1 Bare BrightPound$2.05
#1 Clean WirePound$1.90
#1 Clean PipePound $1.70
#2-3 CleanPound$1.55
#1 InsulatedPound$0.80
#2 InsulatedPound$0.50

It is illegal to burn the insulation off copper wire. Burnt copper of any kind is NOT accepted.

"#1 Bare Bright" is #1 copper wire at least 1/16 of an inch thick that has been hand stripped.

"#1 Clean"  pipe at least 1/16 of an inch thick. This copper may not be burnt and must be clean of corrosion, solder joints, and other foreign substances (i.e., new, unused pipe).

"#2-#3 Clean" includes wire and pipe of any size. This copper may contain solder joints. Does NOT include brittle copper that has been over heated, or other foreign substances.

"#1 Insulated" is copper wire at least 1/16 of an inch think with only one layer of plastic insulation.

"#2 Insulated" is copper wire of any size with plastic insulation.

Coax cable is accepted but is not copper. Please separate it from your copper wire.

Clean Red BrassPound$0.80
Unclean Red BrassPound$0.40
Clean Yellow BrassPound$0.60
Unclean Yellow BrassPound$0.30

"Unclean Brass" may include small amounts of plastic, steel, or other materials.

Unclean Aluminum RadiatorsPound$0.08
Unclean Copper RadiatorsPound$0.40
Unclean Aluminum/Copper CoilsPound$0.50
Clean Aluminum RadiatorsPound$0.30
Clean Copper RadiatorsPound$0.60
Clean Aluminum/Copper CoilsPound$0.70

All Radiators and Coils must have all fluids drained.

"Clean" radiators and coils must have all plastic and steel removed.

Automotive BatteriesPound$0.20
Non-Auto BatteriesPound$0.08

Batteries must be lead based. Household batteries NOT accepted.

Electric MotorsPound$0.10
Low Grade MotorsPound$0.045

"Electric Motors" must have a copper core, and be unbolted from housings.

"Low Grade Motors" include hand-held tools, fans, appliance motors, and motors with aluminum cores.

Lead Wheel WeightsPound$0.10

  • Catalytic Converter: Limit one per individual per day
  • Electronics (Computer parts & circuit boards)
  • Sealed Units

Call for pricing: 330-345-1236

We do NOT accept any of the following Items:

  • Garbage or Trash
  • Household Batteries
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Items containing Freon
  • Demolition Debris
  • PCB's
  • Mixed Plastics
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Hazardous Material
  • Paint or Solvents
  • Liquids
  • Tires
  • Radioactive Material
  • CRT Televisions (flat-screen TV's are accepted)

Please call with any questions: 330-345-1236